Meet Our Master Distiller: Greg Lancette

Meet Our Master Distiller: Greg Lancette

Greg started out his career in software engineering, but he always felt that something was missing – a love of his work. After some soul-searching, some travel, and let’s be honest, a couple of cocktails, he decided to pursue his true passion: distilling.

Never one to give less than 150% to any pursuit, Greg began his journey into distilling by flying halfway across the globe to Peru. There he learned from one of the best Rhum Agricole distillers in South America, Haresh Bhojwani.

To say his commitment to nature and sustainability was influenced by the culture of respect that he learned in Peru would be an understatement. Since returning to the midwest, Greg has spent years honing his skills in the art of distilling, bringing with him something no other MN distiller has - his fresh perspective on sustainable distilling.

Now he wants to share his expert distilling skills and his passion for the environment with his community through Revive!

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